April 23, 2021
Diana Lasso

Diana Lasso Wiki, Age, Height, boyfriend, Family, Biography

Diana Lasso is a Colombian singer, also known as the famous American, comedian, and former wife of singer Wayne Brady. She was born March 4, 1975, in Columbia. Lasso is a professional singer who is attracted to fame after separation from her ex-husband.

Diana Lasso estimates that it is worth 10 million dollars to collect from her career as a singer. Part of her fortune also came from divorce settlement money, and the house she received from Brady, which has a total of $ 10 million.

Diana Lasso Ex-Husband: Wayne Brady

Diana is very secretive when it comes to her personal life, so it makes it impossible for the public to access this information. This information will be updated as soon as we receive it from a trusted source. The time after divorcing Diane Lasso’s Van Brady proved difficult for her. Diana will be sharing her story through YouTube, stating in her mother tongue that she moved into a small house after the divorce and struggles every day until she finds her break in the music. 

Keep doing it. She sought to advance her life and once again returned to her hometown of Colombia to pursue a music career. Initially, she did not perform well but remained successful. The pursuit of her passion eventually got the better of her, and she began to expand her musical career.

After the divorce, Diana has been single ever since Brady married actress Mandie Taketa in 1999, but that did not last forever. The Hollywood couple broke their marriage in 2008 after splitting up in different ways. However, they have a daughter, Miles Masako Brady, born February 3, 2003. They still raise their daughter together as a parent.

When he released many singles and albums, his popularity increased, and he became famous on various radio stations. Diana’s singles also began to visit different online platforms, which increased her exposure and helped her gain popularity. In 2014, he released the song “Esta Noche,” which became a popular single and produced many radios plays. At this time, Diana appears as a guest on several different radio and television programs that showcase her potential.

Current Status Diana Lasso?

Colombian singer Diana Lasso is believed to be currently single. It is speculated that she is the focus of her career, but perhaps she has a relationship but understands the importance of keeping her out of the media spotlight. Diana had a Twitter account in which she used to advertise her music, but she has not been very active on social media for many years. By mid-2018, sources tell us more than 1 million worth of information, which is mostly earned through his successful career as a singer. 

It is also believed that its affiliation with Van Brady has also increased its overall value. As she continues her efforts, it is expected that her wealth will continue to grow. Diana Lasso is considered a successful artist in Colombia.

The source of the Battled

After divorcing with Van Brady, Lasso also went into depression because she couldn’t deal with the heartbreak. As a wife, she failed to help her ex-husband in her situation, but instead, it became a prerequisite for her. After reorganizing herself, she managed to fight off her depression and focus more on her career.

Diana Lasso Singing Career

Diana Lasso came to the United States for the first time a long time ago, when Wayne began her career as a comedian. She arrived in the States to pursue a career in singing because she had a deep passion for it. He has released many songs in his jobs, such as ‘Esta Noche No’ and ‘Queen Tierra,’ which have earned him considerable fame and success. But after divorcing with Brady, she moved to her family in her native land, Colombia. However, the marriage lasted a short time, and the two divorced in 1995. 

It is rumored that the reason for the divorce was Wayne’s busy lifestyle and the couple rarely spend time together. After their divorce, Diana moved back to Columbia, where she struggled to put her music career back on track.

A source of communication with the public

Although Diana Lasso has an account on Twitter, she has not been active on the platform for a long time. He also has an Instagram account called dianlassoofficial, which has over 1300 followers and 189 posts to date. There is no information available about her dating life since her divorce. He has at least a social media presence, and his accounts are private.

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